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Low, Fixed Fee

“I like the fixed cost.  Nobody likes broker fees, at Real Pros I pay a low monthly fee and that’s it.  The broker and support staff are there when I need them.”

Denise Welsh, REAL PROS Agent

Great Broker Support

“Getting a hold of the broker is really easy.  He responds promptly.  You can tell he has our back.”

Christopher Short, REAL PROS Agent

Placester IDX Website

“I like the technology.  IDX website from Placester is terrific. The fact that I can share transaction documents with everyone in the deal is terrific.  Very impressed.”

Bridgette Leazier, REAL PROS Agent

The Best Value

“Prompt broker support, great technology, lead generating website and no limit on the number of transactions I can close for a flat fee.  It’s the best value.”

Chris Sloan, REAL PROS Realty Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question answered here, then please contact us for a prompt response.

Are there any other fees?

Well, No if you follow the work flow process.  Specifically there are certain documents that you have to turn in for Broker Review in a timely manner.  Consistent and blatant disregard for this will lead to fines by the broker.  The fines are generally nominal and mainly a reminder to please follow the work flow process proscribed in the Realty Platform.  For more information contact us or review the Policies & Procedures Manual when you’ve been approved to join.

Do I have to join a local board?

Yes, you have to be a member of the National Association of REALTORS and for access to the local MLS your membership in a local board is required.  See the About REAL PROS link to see which boards we are already members of.  You should join of the boards we are already a member of.

How do I get paid?

If you are on top of your transaction file like you should be and all of your documents have been uploaded to our Realty Platform, ready for Broker approval then you will get paid directly from the Title Company at close of escrow.  

What happens when I hit my annual Broker Fee Cap?

That’s easy!  Then you stop paying any additional Broker fees.  You will have capped out.  Enjoy the gravey.  

What systems do you use to process transactions?

We use only the best Realty Platform in the industry, source us.  We have been using BackAgent for the past 5 years and can vouch for how easy it is to process real estate transactions and everything that goes with it using your own BackAgent account.  We’ve tested all the other major systems and always return to BackAgent for it’s ease of use and full plate of features.

Can I switch commission plans?

Yes, once every 90 days you can switch your commission plan.

Ready to become a REAL PRO?

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