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Streamlined Process & Common Sense Broker Policies

keep all of your commissionWorking smarter has never been easier. We provide better, smarter broker support, fluid , prompt communications, with real time access to the best Real Estate Transaction Platform in the industry.

Our process is streamlined and we keep overhead to a minimum so we can charge mus less than other firms. Reducing expenses and paying a fixed monthly broker fee is working smarter.

On average agents receive less than 10% of their annual revenues through their brokerage. Of course there are always splits, fees and other expenses associated with the 10% the brokerage brings to the agent. So if an agent is on a commission plan greater than a 90/10 split, they are losing money. That is no way to run your real estate business. That model exasperates the “famine & feast” phenomenon familiar to many agents.

REAL PROS Realty AZ is designed to give independent minded, entrepreneurial agents an alternative to the typical brokerage. We offer a straightforward, proven method to help our Agents build their client base, establish their brand, grow their business and close more transactions, consistently, each month.


join real pros realty azIt’s your commission, you should keep 100% 

Just add up the franchise fees, broker fees, desk fees and whatever other fees and add that to the commission split you paid your broker, in any given period of time, and ask yourself how you could have used that money to build your business and strengthen your brand. That money would have done more for you in your bank account.

REAL PROS Realty AZ gives you the opportunity to take full control of your business with our REAL 100% Commission Plans.  We believe that ultimately, the best way a brokerage can support your business is by letting you keep 100% of your commission. It is your commission; you earned it.

At REAL PROS Realty AZ, we have developed a recipe for success, which we are happy to share with our agents. It’s a simple formula that requires you to be a professional real estate agent serving your clients best interest while taking ownership of your career, and leveling up. Our technology make you more efficient, effective and productive from anywhere, anytime. Caring brokers and top producing mentors are always available to motivate you and help you achieve your goals. Best of all, you keep 100% of your hard earned commission.

If you are ready to answer your phone, respond to inquiries, follow up on leads and work for measurable milestones to advance your real estate career then you are ready to become a REAL PROS Agent.

Low, Fixed Fee

“I like the fixed cost.  Nobody likes broker fees, at Real Pros I pay a low monthly fee and that’s it.  The broker and support staff are there when I need them.”

Denise Welsh, REAL PROS Agent

Great Broker Support

“Getting a hold of the broker is really easy.  He responds promptly.  You can tell he has our back.”

Christopher Short, REAL PROS Agent

Placester IDX Website

“I like the technology.  IDX website from Placester is terrific. The fact that I can share transaction documents with everyone in the deal is terrific.  Very impressed.”

Bridgette Leazier, REAL PROS Agent

The Best Value

“Prompt broker support, great technology, lead generating website and no limit on the number of transactions I can close for a flat fee.  It’s the best value.”

Chris Sloan, REAL PROS Realty Agent

Ready to become a REAL PRO?

If you are ready to take the reigns of your realty business then join REAL PROS Realty AZ.